Press Release - 18/3/2011 - CURRICULUM OF 17th CROSSING IN 2011

Friday, 18 March 2011 00:00
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Press Release - 18/3/2011 - CURRICULUM  OF 17th CROSSING IN 2011

During the meeting of the members and friends of Aegean Team, held on 17th March, 2011, it was finalized the schedule of the 17th Crossing of Aegean Sea which take place from May 5th 2011 to May 16th 2011.

After many years, the Team’s boats will sail to the borderline Kastelorizo, the extremity of our country.

The program is as follows:

1.On Thursday May 5th, the Team will sail on from Lagonisi towards Sikinos. In the island, there shall take place the formal inauguration of the autonomous desalination plant that the Team built. The Team will stay in the island on 5th and 6th May;

2.On Saturday 7th May we will sail from Sikinos and after an interim night stop at Rhodes (5/7), we shall call at Kastelorizo on May, 8th;

3.On Tuesday May, 10th, the boats will sail to Patmos via Simi for a stop and refueling. The Team will stay in Patmos till the morning of May 13th;

4.On Friday May 13th, we will sail to Arkious and therefrom to Agathonisi where we will stay overnight (May 13th);

5.On Saturday afternoon, May 14th, we shall arrive at Leipsoi where the Team will remain and the following day (May, 15th);

6.On Monday, May 16th, we will sail back to Lagonisi.

In all islands:

(i) There will be carried out medical examination of all specialties both at medical places and at homes in case of persons confined to bed as well as microbiological and blood tests;

(ii) Educational, instructive and tutorial material and equipment will be offered to schools and Kinden gardens.

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